We are responsible to care for ourself so we can care for others

A bit About me


 I am living a dream that  people who want to live well do, by fulfilling the vision I wrote about 25 years ago in Nursing school that I will treat a person as a whole body, mind and soul, I am here and dedicated to allow you to follow thru on your urge to live and be well.

I'm a Certified Transformational Health Coach, dedicated Heath Advocate with a solid background and dual certification in  Advance Practice Nursing. I am a grateful recovering self-sabotager, truly blessed and encouraged by life's challenges.   I chose coaching  to make a difference in the health outcomes of my patients and clients as well as their families.  Being that I was raised in a nutrition based home, as a  kid, I rebelled a lot! My Mom was before her time with food products, movement and importance of caring for your self with diet and exercise and NOT conforming to unhealthy marketing trends.  I was the kid in the 70's with the raw peanut butter on hard whole grain bread, embarrassed that I did not have bologna and American on white with no crust. Apparently survived that humiliation and now am forever grateful for my Moms persistence. 

As a young Nurse I had dreams of  teaching everyone Mind-Body awareness to succeed in self-care and pre-diabetes prevention through adapting a healthy lifestyle.  I achieved my masters in nursing with the dream of running my own clinic in a small mountain town somewhere, BUT, geographical life changed. 

I began to settle in to city life and working for local doctors and hospitals. 

It took years of feeling I was unable to help my patients stick with their plan, accomplish the goals set forth by the system before I realized this was not the way I want to work with people.

I began to see and feel the disconnect between patients and their health system. What they were told to do and what was happening  were not aligned. The patients were sad, scared, ashamed and felt they made the doctor upset with them therefore leading to poor follow-up and a deeper cycle of self defeat by the patient.

This presented an unhealthy, non-therapeutic relationship resulting in patients afraid to speak up and take action.

The solution lies in the strategy, change our behaviors and habits in order to stay well and have a chance at fighting off disease and illness, this is how I make a difference in peoples lives, as well as my own.

Taking the time to help my client  voice their health goals allows us to discover what the obstacles in moving forward are then seeing healing take place. 

Achieving awareness of body, mind and health is the first step, how you got to where you are and how you would like to get where you want to be requires understanding your body.

Understanding  our unique experiences, beliefs about life, different truths and personal stories will affect our habits and changeability is key.

My client is in charge of the plan, believing that we both have the highest version in mind for their best wellbeing. 

We use general nutrition, lifestyle, history and future goals and dreams as our  guide to success.​

I offer the perspective and the experience to my client to make the changes they know they need to or want to make and along with them discover easy tools that fit their lifestyle without much disruption to facilitate lasting changes and better health overall.

A coach and client must be focused on the same goal, which many times changes as we grow and learn new and different options.

Move That Mountain has great programs to make habit change doable. There are tailor made programs to fit your needs, 90 day, 28 day and specialty workshops to fine tune and discover whats next for you and your life.

Who I am and what I do comes down to why this program is different from others.

Its because it works NOT for a short time, It lasts a lifetime. I know, I am doing it too!

Specializing in:

Weight Loss

 UGGGH! really... Weight loss!

It has become a topic that most people avoid but if you have tried everything and cannot seem to feel better, Lets Talk! WE will get you comfortable in your skin. Bring your Diet to the table and lets see if its Good enough for you! As your life coach I help you to get why good habits last.

Energy level

  I have shown many how simple daily tasks can be excellent ways to improve on body function.

If you just want to stay awake after lunch or if you want to run a marathon than we must get your energy up to par.

There are few to many factors robbing you of valuable time wasted being too tired

Healthy Eating

 There is such a variety of tasteful and SIMPLE foods to eat in this world and not all foods are good for all people.

We will talk about Your food and what YOU like about eating.

We can discover a lot of health and weight related secrets in what we eat.

Food is our fuel and to me the most important place to start with health and wellness. 


 I have shown so many how simple daily tasks can be seen as monumental opportunities for wellness. 

Lets see what movements you do and how a small PUSH will Move a Mountain for ageless living and healing. No pricey gym fees or new wardrobes are required. 

Common Health Issues

 My background in Nursing and Advanced Practice has made me the " Go To" for friends and family.

Everyone has their ailments and wants a quick fix, Please let me share how the fix can and will happen. Remember what got you here, wont get you there.

I LOVE to research and discuss your Health concerns. After the "tech" talk to I will have a simple way to start your health healing process today!

Tailor Made Talks for Businesses, small groups, Parties

 I thrive off of learning and I will burst at the seems if I cannot continually cycle out and share current truths, myths and facts on whats new in  nutrition and wellness. 

I love to spread awareness and truth about current health related topics and ways to heal in a non-threatening and exciting way. 

My favorite is one on one or group presentations on topics YOU want to know about ie: health/wellness, health care , prevent diabetes and sustainable weight loss.

Contact Me: Coach Natalie

Send me a note and lets get your Free Coach session going!

Natalie-Jo Flynn, MSN, APRN, CHC, Health Advocate

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Call or text : (216) 406-0154

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