We must first determine how determined you are. What do you want and how much do you want it?  Placing the emphasis on turning barriers into opportunities, focusing on the future rather than the reasons why the person got into that cycle of behavior. Personal experience shows that once I make decision to move nothing is the same afterward.  A simple phone conversation or in person conversation will unveil your motive and do not worry, our motives change all the time and thats whats fun about change, it changes. Nothing remains the same, however we start with the motive of today.

"Move That Mountain" was a sign I stared at for a year while I was getting through what could be the hardest time of my life. I saw that banner and I dreamed of the big picture of my life, how I would day by day, hour by hour, accomplish my goals.

Move that mountain became my focus and I had no doubt that if it works for me It will work for so many people.

Throughout all my years in nursing and advance practice, I have seen a lot of faith in people, amazing human spirit and I know for a fact  suffering in illness is not the way we are designed to be.

I love to see people grow and develop in character, good health and the pursuit of meaningful values. Up-level their standards and live in relationship with their goals. 

Unfortunately, many of us get stuck in a rut with health, goals, relationships, work and personal growth for  reasons of social rigidity, or long living habit patterns, there is definitely a way to solve these issues.

I am inspired by my own experiences and those who work along side of me in this revolution of empowering people to take charge of their health and wellness. 

I will work my whole life at this to inspire one soul at a time to be empowered to be the best human and live the best lives they can, allowing people to see things a slightly different way, makes all the difference.  Change your mind and you change your life.

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Natalie-Jo Flynn, MSN, CHC, Health Advocate

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

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